I would give everything away to experience the level of intense emotion and connection Eugene invests in song. ” - Jim Di Gioia


- Corduroy -

Kurtis McAllister is the composer and multi-instrumentalist who has been heard on stages throughout Canada with his project Kurtis Eugene. As an artist, producer and audio engineer, he has collaborated with Maritime artists and non-profits to produce everything from full-length albums to podcasts and theatre production scores. His passion for improvisation and sound experimentation find their outlet in his work as a music workshop facilitator and teacher, focusing on the cultivation of creativity and play.  The common thread in all of Kurtis’ work is in his desire to share the power of music to inspire a sense of connection, empathy and joy. Kurtis' latest works include 'Cardinal' (May 2022) and the full-length experimental collaborative film 'Sun Sheep' (November 2022).

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