Latest Works

Sun Sheep had its debut screening in November 2022 to a sold out audience at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. This project was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and will not be released online. The vinyl is available for pre-order through email and the film will be screened across Atlantic Canada over the next 12 months. Stay tuned for the next screening date. 

Cardinal  was released in May 2022 to a sold out audience at 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery in Halifax. 

Global Wire // Icy Water was released as a 'double' rather than a 'single' because Kurtis likes his music just like his espresso. The East describes it as a,  'uniquely unusual manner of esoteric wanderings, [that] captures a feeling rather any sense of structured song, manifested through half-whispers as the two singles bleed back and forth across each other." These are the opening tracks to his forthcoming album, 'Cardinal' which is set to release on May 20, 2022.